The College

Mission Statement
The mission of the Gold Coast Christian College is to promote a redemptive relationship between each student and Jesus Christ and facilitate spiritual, academic, social, physical and vocational growth through the provision of an environment in which Christian nurture may take place.


At Gold Coast Christian College we actively promote and foster the following values as the core of our program. This is made possible by voluntary cooperation between parents, teachers and students.

To foster and promote:

  • An acceptance of Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour.
  • A commitment to a consistent Christian lifestyle.
  • A desire to serve God and our fellow man.
  • An appreciation of Christian worship and spiritual fellowship.

To foster and promote:

  • A commitment to excellence through diligent effort.
  • An appreciation of knowledge and truth in harmony with revelation through God’s Word as found in the Bible.
  • The ability to think logically, critically and creatively.
  • A desire to become a lifelong learner.

To foster and promote:

  • The treatment of all people with respect and dignity.
  • The development of self-control and self-discipline.
  • Tolerance of others and a concern for their welfare.
  • Acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions.
  • Habits of good manners and good behaviour.

To foster and promote:

  • A recognition of our responsibility to develop talents as God-given gifts to be used in leadership and service for others.
  • Responsible citizenship within the community.
  • A genuine compassion for the needs of others.
  • A sense of rightness and fair play.
  • A sense of pride in a job well done.