Student Leadership

Gold Coast Christian College nurtures leadership potential in all students across Kindy to Year 12. Opportunities are provided for students to develop leadership skills through group work, public speaking and extra-curricular activities. Additionally, Secondary and Primary captains are elected by students and staff each year, along with house captains and flag bearer. The Student Leaders for 2020 are as follows:

Secondary College Captains:

Indianna Lawson and Kingston Chu

Secondary College Vice Captains:

Erin Bennett and Justin Renfrew

Secondary House Captains:

Bates: Ethan Fogarty and Amelia Pegler

Andrews: Ryan Derrick and Isabella McAlister

Primary College Captains:

Ariana Stevens and Jacob Collum

Primary House Captains:

Bates: Cohen Grey and Jessica Velic

Andrews: Mikel Welland and Paige Flowerdew

College Flag Bearer: Jesse McKay