Parent Association

The main purpose of the Parent Association to:

  1. Aid the connecting of all our College families and the building of community and fellowship among these families. There are a variety of ways individuals are able to make a contribution to the College, and the Parents Association is a key instrument that families have to become more involved.
  2. Aid the development of specific projects and initiatives that have been agreed to by the P.A. and the College Council. These projects are essentially ancillary to the existing buildings and add to the aesthetics of the campus (e.g. gardens, grounds, playground equipment, sports resources, “Parents Plazas”, shaded areas, tuck shop equipment).
  3. Provide suggestions and ideas to the College Council regarding ongoing development of ancillary facilities. These suggestions and ideas will be presented to the College Council via the P.A. Coordinators either in person or in writing.

How is the Parent Association funded?

Each family at Gold Coast Christian College pays a small levy towards the Parent Association each term. From these combined funds the P.A. will have a small budget for the holding of their meetings, with the majority of these funds to be used to finance the chosen projects.

In addition, the P.A. may like to suggest to the College Council additional fundraising initiatives if there aren’t enough funds in the combined levy to pay for the chosen projects. The College Council will look more favourably on fund-raising initiatives that aid in the development of a sense of community and fellowship.

How are the projects chosen?

Each year the College Council will provide the Parents Association a list of projects and initiatives the Council believes will be a blessing to the future development of the College. The list will be comprised of“core” projects that need to be completed during that year as well as“elective” projects. The P.A. will then meet to choose one/some/all of these “elective” projects based on the meeting’s consensus and any available funds.


Gold Coast Christian College welcomes any donations for building projects and scholarships.


You can contribute to the College Building Fund and bring about the faster completion of special projects by making a donation.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Some of our current projects include:

  • Primary classroom renovations
  • Refurbishing the car park and driveways


There are families who value Christian education but cannot afford the fees. You can contribute towards the scholarship fund if you would like to assist families to gain access to Christian education for their children.

Donations for scholarships are not tax deductible

Donations may be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card or internet banking. All cheques should be made to Gold Coast Christian College. Make sure that you specify the fund you wish to donate to.

Our banking details are:

Westpac Bank

Account Name: Gold Coast Christian College

BSB: 034002

ACC: 729319

If you have any queries, please contact our office on 07 55934571 or email: