Jason (Gwangmin) KIM

Nationality: South Korean

Start Year Level: Year 8

Finish Year Level: Year 12

I have had two very different school experiences between Korea and Australia. During School life in South Korea, it was so hard to find smiles with students. With strict instructions, students lost their own life by a handcuffs called ‘study’. At our school,everyone is familiar with each other, even students and teachers. With very peaceful and tidy school environments, everyone will find welcoming staff and smiling students. Teachers are very kind, with a good sense of humour. If you are struggling, you just go and ask a teacher for help. Welcome to the world’s most kind family group!

Ami Koyasu

Nationality: Japanese

Start Year Level: Year 3

Finish Year Level: Year 6

When my daughter went to GCCC for the first day she couldn’t speak any English. Her first impression of classmates is they looked so happy and everyone was smiling. When she had sport lesson everyone introduced themselves and then she could remember their names and make friends. Everyone is so friendly and helpful so she can understand what she had to do in the lesson. We have made many friends and Ami went to many Birthday parties. We are apart of GCCC society. We learn so many different cultures compared to Japan and we love Australia and the Gold Coast.