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This year, we are delighted to launch EN+rich, a new program at Gold Coast Christian College that caters for students in Primary School who are excelling in Mathematics and/or English. The following graphic outlines the main features of the program:

How will EN+rich be implemented?

EN+rich will be taught in small groups each Wednesday by Mrs Karen Collum. EN+rich English will be 45 minutes every fortnight and EN+rich Mathematics will be 30 minutes per week. The program is aimed at students in Years 3-6 however, students who are performing at an exceptional level in lower year levels may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The purpose of EN+rich is to provide high-performing students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in Mathematics and/or English and apply their knowledge in new and interesting ways. Students will have the opportunity to participate in competitions and external events throughout the year.

Who can participate?

Students will be nominated by their class teachers to apply for the EN+rich program. These nominations will be based on students’ current performance in class. As this program will occur during class time, a student’s place in the program will depend on their ability to maintain standards of regular class work as well as apply themselves during EN+rich. (Please note that there may be further opportunities to join the program throughout the year should a student consistently demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Maths and/or English.)

Students who are nominated by their teachers will be required to sit an entry task to assess their suitability for the program. These tasks are designed for students to demonstrate their current understanding and application of Mathematics and/or English skills.

If your child is nominated by their class teacher, you will receive a letter inviting them to complete the entry task along with a form to sign which gives your child permission to participate in EN+rich during class time each week/fortnight. The entry task will be completed during school hours next week.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact our EN+rich Co-ordinator, Mrs Karen Collum (karen.collum@goldcoastcc.qld.edu.au), or our Primary Curriculum Co-ordinator, Mrs Sonya Velic (sonya.velic@goldcoastcc.qld.edu.au).