Year 11/12 Biology Class Experiences 'Parenting' with Baby Dylan...


Year 11/12 Biology have been studying parental care of offspring among species in the Animal Kingdom. To bring this module to life, students have been given the responsibility of having baby 'Dylan Angel Jnr' for 3 days each. Whilst they are caring for Dylan, they are required to act as the sole guardian, providing bathing, feeding and care around the clock. Dylan must be with the student at all times, and if there is a need for him to be cared for by someone else it is up to the student to find appropriate babysitting. Some students took it all in their stride, with one student affixing a 'baby on board' sticker to the inside of his car, whilst another made the most of Mum for babysitting when it was required.

Thanks Miss Young for taking learning to a new level and creating an interesting way to engage with the subject matter being studied in class!