1:1 Student laptop Program

All students entering Year 7 to 12 are issued with a laptop, ensuring everyone has the same suite of software available. Students entering Year 7 will be issued a laptop on a 3-year agreement, thus making use of the laptop for Years 7-9. When they commence Year 10, they will be issued a new laptop which will be assigned on a 3-year agreement for Years 10-12. Although the laptop is the personal responsibility of each student, it remains the property of Gold Coast Christian College.

Students commencing at the school during the lease cycle will have a laptop issued to them that is of similar age to others in the student’s year cohort.

Laptops will be issued to each student after parents and students have completed the following:

  • Read the ‘ICT Agreement – Terms & Conditions’
  • Returned the signed ‘Laptop Computer Acceptance Form’
  • Paid the ‘ICT Levy’ - this includes the cost of the General Technology Levy which may be subject to adjustment as the associated costs change.