Gold Coast Christian College has demonstrated a remarkable track record of success in the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge. Since 2018, the school's teams have consistently participated in the competition, which is managed by the Re-engineering Australia Foundation (REA) and supported by the Australian Government Department of Defence and the F1 organisation.

Over 22 000 students take part in the challenge, and it is estimated that more than 10 times that number are exposed to the program. The competition is known as the world's most competitive STEM competition.

Students design, build, and race miniature F1 cars capable of reaching speeds of 80km/h in under one second. The car model is made from a single piece of balsa wood and utilises computer-aided manufacturing techniques, including precision cutting with a computer-controlled router (CNC machine) and 3D printing for various components.

This competition goes beyond just STEM; it encompasses both STEM and STEAM by incorporating graphic art and marketing elements. The teams must adhere to 44 pages of rules and guidelines, covering aspects such as marketing strategy, pit display, sustainability measures, and team enthusiasm. They are then evaluated by industry professionals who assess each team's performance based on these criteria.

The students at Gold Coast Christian College benefit immensely from their participation in this challenge. They have the opportunity to engage with mentors from diverse fields of enterprise, gaining invaluable insights at a professional level. Additionally, the students are responsible for marketing their teams and seeking sponsorship from businesses in the Gold Coast area, which has resulted in overwhelming support from local companies.

Gold Coast Christian College's accomplishments in the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge demonstrate their dedication to fostering talent and promoting interdisciplinary education. Through their involvement in this competition, students develop essential STEM skills while also exploring the practical applications of graphic art, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The combination of commitment, dedication, and collaborative learning prepares these students for a future that values innovation and excellence.