Creating leaders for tomorrow!

Gold Coast Christian College (GCCC) aims to foster a collaborative partnership among staff, students, and parents to achieve quality education. We provide a stimulating curriculum that values individual learning needs, equipping students with skills for success at GCCC and beyond.

We purposefully introduce your child to Jesus, hoping they embark on a lifelong journey with Him. Our safe and nurturing environment reflects our motto of being "Christ Centred, Service Oriented, Innovative Learning."

As educators, we recognize the eternal value of sharing God's love with our students. Prayer and daily worship are integral to our class time, and our Encounter Curriculum enables students to deepen their understanding and relationship with God.

At GCCC, we follow the Australian Curriculum as the foundation for our quality learning program. Our committed staff support students in confidently applying knowledge and skills in all aspects of their learning.

In primary school, our teachers create a differentiated, supportive, and safe learning environment to maximize each student's potential. They understand their students' individual needs, the content they teach, and collaborate to implement effective teaching strategies.

Through the Quality Adventist Schools Improvement Framework, our staff actively engage in professional learning, fostering a culture of continuous improvement at our school.


Reporting is crucial for fostering school/family partnerships and supporting student learning. The College communicates student achievement and commitment to learning through semester reports, provided twice a year. Additionally, an interim report is given to parents at the end of Term 1, offering a concise overview of student progress. Informal feedback is provided frequently and in diverse forms throughout the year to keep students informed about their learning progress and guide their educational journey. Parents are encouraged to participate in Parent/Teacher Interviews to discuss the formal report.

Key Learning Areas

A full range of primary subjects from the Key Learning Areas are offered including the following:

Prep to Year 6

Core Subjects

Encounter (Biblical Studies)

Integrated Studies - iSeek (Year 1-2) / iSearch (Year 3-4) / iSpy (Year 5-6)

Humanities and Social Sciences
Arts – Visual & Media

Specialty Teacher

The Arts - Drama, Music and Dance
PE (Physical Education)
Music Immersion Program - Violin Year 3, Brass & Woodwind Year 5

Spiritual Enhancement

Weekly chapel programs
Week of Worship (WOW)
Bible Connect groups – Yr 3-6 (Elective)

Outside Classroom Learning
Class camps (Years 4-6)

Development programs

Concert Band (Elective)
Strings Ensemble (Elective)
Private music lessons (Elective)
Sport Development Program (Elective)
Inter-school Sport - Years 4-6
Swimming lessons - Whole School