Governance and Policies

All Seventh-day Adventist Schools in the South Queensland region form a single system, under the banner of Seventh-day Adventist Schools South Queensland Ltd. This central organisation assists in the employment of staff, financial matters and curriculum development. This administrative structure also allows our teachers the freedom to focus on their central calling – to inspire, educate and mentor the students in their care.

Gold Coast Christian College is part of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist education system, the largest Protestant education system in the world. With 140 years of educational excellence, the system operates more than 7 500 preparatory, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions around the world.

College Advisory

The Board of Directors have established an Advisory at each school. The Gold Coast Christian College Advisory is comprised of appointed members who remain in office for a period determined by Seventh-day Adventist Schools South Queensland Ltd.

Our Advisory members are selected based on their diverse skill sets, the ability to communicate, a high level of commitment to the College and Adventist education.

Pastor Mike Collum
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Child Safety Program

Child Protection Policy
Child Protection Procedures

Student Duty of Care

Executive Summary
Student Duty of Care Summary Policy

Recording Student Incidents

Identifying Student Safety Hazards

Student Behaviour Management

Student Behaviour Management Policy
Student Discipline Procedures

Injury and Return to Work

Executive Summary
First Aid and Medical Treatment

Notification of Injuries and Initial Claim Management Procedures
What Needs to be Reported
Register of Injuries

The Role of Key Parties

Rehabilitation, Return to Work and the Provision of Suitable Duties
Dispute Resolution Procedure

Program Maintenance

Other Policies

Staff Code of Conduct Policy
Privacy Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy
Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy
Procedures for responding to and reporting harm against a student